Shaping Environmental Programs
from concept to reality
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Spurgin & Associates offers the most comprehensive and cost effective services in the industry, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business issues. Services include:

Local Use and Zoning Permits
Transportation and Hauling Permits
Treatment Facility Permits
Technology Evaluation and Permit Assistance

Comprehensive Compliance Consulting (C3)
On-line or On-site, including:
Bloodborne Pathogens
Hazard Communication
Fire Safety and Prevention
Medical Waste Handling
MSDS Database
A demonstration of the comprehensive training programs is available through this link. Contact Bob Spurgin at 949-677-0700 to get your login password, access this demonstration, and see how it can fully address your and your client's required training programs. CLICK HERE to try it out.

Strategic Planning
Marketing Strategies
Sales Productivity and Development
Value Added Programs
Operations Management
Route Strategies
Profit Maximization and Cost Minimization

Government Advocacy
Policy Development and Interpretation
Regulatory Assistance
Enforcement Action Advocacy
Independent Monitoring

Environmental Benefits Analysis
Carbon Footprinting
GHG Analysis and Transaction Assistance
Renewable Energy Programs
Sustainability Efforts